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Changing Diabetes®is Novo Nordisk’s response to the global diabetes challenge. Since the company was founded in Denmark more than 95 years ago, we have been changing diabetes. Our key contribution is to discover, develop and deliver better biological medicines and make them accessible to patients throughout the world. However, it takes more than medicine to defeat diabetes.

By partnering with patients, policymakers, healthcare professionals and non-governmental organisations we are addressing diabetes risk factors in urban areas, ensuring that people with diabetes are diagnosed earlier and that they have access to adequate care to be able to live their lives with as few limitations as possible.

People taking the escalator and not the stairs, urban diabetes.

Addressing the risk factors

With two-thirds of all people with diabetes living in urban areas1, cities are the frontline in the fight against diabetes. Cities influence how people live, travel and eat; factors which all have an impact on health. To understand the root causes of type 2 diabetes and the social and cultural risk factors, Novo Nordisk has initiated the Cities Changing Diabetes programme in collaboration with a range of partners.

Blood sugar screening

Ensuring earlier diagnosis

Around 193 million people have undiagnosed type 2 diabetes worldwide.1 Sadly, many already have complications by the time they are diagnosed, including damage to their feet, eyes, kidneys and heart.2 We are partnering with healthcare professionals, patient organisations and policymakers to advocate for the benefits of early diagnosis. Each year on World Diabetes Day hundreds of thousands of people are engaged in Novo Nordisk driven awareness and screening activities.3

Eladío Castro García sitting on stairs in the street. Eladío has type 2 diabetes, Mexico

Ensuring access to diabetes care

Today, three in four people with diabetes live in low- and middle-income countries1, where many lack access to diabetes care either because it is not available or not affordable. Novo Nordisk is working with partners to improve the availability, accessibility, affordability and quality of healthcare.  Our largest investment in improving access to care is through our funding of the World Diabetes Foundation, but we also run specific corporate access to care programmes.

Jesse Crumpler with his wife. Jesse has type 2 diabetes, USA

Ensuring better outcomes

Seven in ten people with diabetes do not achieve desired health outcomes3, which puts them at risk of developing diabetes-related complications. While Novo Nordisk provides a broad portfolio of treatment options and delivery devices, we know that it takes more than medicine for people to achieve their desired health outcomes. We address this by providing training of healthcare providers, education of people with diabetes and engaging in advocacy for patient-centred care.


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