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Changing Haemophilia®

Changing Haemophilia®

Changing Haemophilia is Novo Nordisk's commitment to address the unmet needs in haemophilia care, beyond medicine.

Haemophilia is a rare and serious disease

Haemophilia is a rare and serious disease affecting approx. 1 out of 10,000 people around the world. Many people with haemophilia are still undiagnosed or inadequately treated. Even when treated, people may suffer from chronic pain and limited mobility mainly due to bleeds in the joints, and if undertreated or not treated at all, risk dying at a young age.

Driving change in haemophilia 

Since Novo Nordisk was founded more than 90 years ago, we have been driving change to defeat chronic conditions. This includes three decades of improving lives of people with haemophilia through support to improved diagnosis, treatment and care.

Our key contribution 

Our key contribution is to discover and develop effective and safe medicines for people with haemophilia and other rare bleeding disorders. We offer a broad and innovative range of products and have a rich research/development pipeline to ensure we are in the forefront of finding the next generation of medicines.

Addressing unmet needs beyond medicine 

But to truly change haemophilia, we need to do more than supply the right medicines. With our Changing Haemophilia® commitment we aim to address the unmet needs in haemophilia. Together with our community partners, we work to advocate for, and create better access to, diagnosis and multidisciplinary care. We aim for better joint health and mobility including a strong focus on well-being for people living with haemophilia.

We work towards a future where everyone with Haemophilia is diagnosed. and can live a life with as few limitations as possible.

The three Changing Haemophilia®
focus areas are:

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